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Video for Business

In today's hi-tech world the secret of successful business communication is dynamic presentation. Regardless of whether you are trying to sell, inform or train the way you communicate must meet the expectations of today's sophisticated audience - otherwise they will switch off. The best medium for creating a dynamic presentation is video.

Video is a very useful tool.

In fact it’s uses are endless

  • Training films
  • Product demonstrations
  • Video/DVD/CD brochure
  • Video newsletter
  • Information
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Live event recording
  • Exhibition handouts

...and it does not have to cost you a fortune

Video can show your company off, it can help with training, it can show how a product works and it can be used to communicate with your staff or your clients - a sort of video newsletter. It can be used instead of an instruction manual to actually show someone how something fits together or how to add an upgrade to a machine…and video/DVD is often cheaper than having a manual printed.

Choosing the right technology to deliver your message effectively, whether it be video, DVD, CD or even the internet, will vastly improve your sales and marketing activities. The growth in multimedia presentations has meant that companies have had to try to become video production companies in order to produce sophisticated sales material with little training and no experience. This is where VideoPoint can help.

We can help you in your business by producing a video or multimedia presentation for you to your budget - however small or large that is. We can also provide duplication and conversion services at competitive prices. Coupled with our sleeve and label design service we can offer you a complete package - from idea to finished product.


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