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Video to DVD

Video to DVDGot a pile of old video tapes? Maybe it's time to declutter and get them all transferred onto DVD.

Video to DVD

VHS tape is now virtually obsolete. People have found that they wish to have their cherished video tapes transferred to DVD. We can transfer from most of the video formats ie VHS, S-VHS, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8, Betamax, Betacam, miniDV, DVCAM as well as camcorder DVDs and memory cards.

We can also transfer your tapes to editable computer files and supply on our memory sticks or on your own sticks or drive. We normally transfer to mp4 files, or to any file format you require.

Two hours on a DVD is the optimum quality. It is possible to transfer 3 or 4 hours onto a single DVD but we have to reduce the quality to do so.

At VideoPoint we have two services:
Video to DVD Basic Service: Here we just do a straightforward transfer of your video tape to DVD. No frills.
Price £15 per tape for the first 2 hours.
Add £5 if tape is over 2 hours (requires 2 DVDs)

Transfer to computer files: We can transfer your tapes to editable computer files and supply on our memory sticks or on your own sticks or drive. We normally transfer to mp4 files, or to any file format you require. Cost is £15 per tape. Memory Sticks are £10 or you can supply your own. (see here)

Discounts: Discounts are available for multi-tape orders. 

5-10 tapes - 5%. 11-20 tapes - 10%, 20+ tapes - 20%

Video to DVD Pro Service: On this service we transfer your tape to computer first, trim out any bits that are obviously not required, add a fade in and fade out, add chapter points and a menu before copying to DVD. Please note this is not as comprehensive as our editing service. 
Prices from £45 per 2 hours on a disc.

Packaging: Each DVD is printed with a title of your choice or we use what is on your tape label. Each DVD comes in a standard DVD case.
Customised case inserts are available. Cost depends on what you require.

Not sure what is on your tapes?
We can go through your tapes prior to transfer to let you know exactly how much the transfer will cost. If you decide not to go ahead there is a £25.00 charge for the review service. If you do go ahead the service is FREE.

Terms and Conditions

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